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In 2021 the UK’s poverty rate amongst working households reached a record high, with over 14 million people now living in poverty.

That’s a shocking 17.4% of the population. What has caused the steep incline? The IPPR think-tank blames higher rents, rising property prices, and childcare costs.

A recent Food Foundation survey found that 15% of households surveyed had experienced food insecurity in the last six months (that’s 27% higher than before the pandemic).

Child poverty has risen to a devastating 37%.

These statistics make hard reading. We cannot promise to support poverty eradication overseas if we do not work to repair our own country.


Salam Charity was proudly founded in the UK, and we work to lift our own communities out of hardship; after all, charity begins at home.

We are building relationships with UK businesses as part of our ‘Donate a Day’ campaign, which asks people to pledge a day’s profits or salary to support our appeals.

Salam is working to build sustainable projects in the UK, including:

Winter Survival

We provide survival packs to people who are living on the street, which becomes dangerous during the winter months. Packs contain warm clothing, sleeping bag, and non-perishable food items.

Food packs

Too many families in the UK are struggling to afford their own food shopping. We distribute food packs to families living in hardship.

Our work here at home is vital to families and individuals living in an increasingly difficult post-pandemic environment.

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