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When conflict and disaster occur the damage to property and infrastructure is likely to suffer the greatest impact after the loss of human life. Shelter is essential for survival, protection and health yet more than 33.4 million people were newly displaced in 2019 with the greatest number of those who were displaced due to conflict from Syria.

Our aims

  • Salam Charity aims to continue working with both refugees and Internally Displaced Person (IDP) to address gaps in shelter provision. We aim to provide appropriate responses through measures which include securing informal shelters such as tents and also rehabilitating war-damaged homes.
  • We aim to provide shelter solutions which are holistic, culturally sensitive and adequate for the needs of the population whilst ensuring minimum standards are met. Whilst addressing shelter needs, we also aim to ensure health, protection and livelihood needs are assessed and included within the wider response that we deliver.
  • When disasters strike such as floods and earthquakes, we work with local partners to provide temporary shelter solutions to ensure the affected population is able to maintain their dignity and security.

Case Study

The last decade has seen unimaginable destruction and chaos in Syria and more than 11 million people have been displaced from their homes.

The destruction of property and homes is also the destruction of livelihoods and security for millions of Syrians. Those who return from refugee settlements in neighbouring countries often find their homes are completely destroyed or uninhabitable and those who remain displaced within Syria face difficult living conditions in the shelters they are able to seek safety in.

Salam Charity has been working in Idlib, Syria since 2020 to rehabilitate homes which have been damaged during the decade-long conflict. By focusing on homes occupied by IDP’s and vulnerable Syrian’s as well as host-communities, Salam Charity has been able to revive small, local economies and businesses through its holistic shelter rehabilitation projects. We have focused on small rural communities which are often left out during the reconstruction efforts elsewhere and we work with local residents to rebuild walls, roofs, replace doors and windows, repair amenities and provide a liveable place for thousands of individuals.

This project has become a flagship project for Salam Charity as a result of the impact it has had. Evaluation reports have revealed improved relations between host-communities and IDP populations and an increase in returnees to the area who see hope through our projects.

Rehabilitation of war-damaged homes occupied by IDP’s and host-communities. This involves carrying out individual needs assessments to determine the required resources and suitability for this project before commencing work which included repairing walls, replacing windows and doors as well as ensuring access to water and amenities is present. This project is able to provide security, improved health-outcomes, livelihood-support and much more to the beneficiaries.

Refugees who live in informal shelters such as tents have limited access to building materials which can secure their tents which are susceptible to damage during extreme weather or floods. Salam Charity is able to provide the necessary materials including tarpaulin and wood to ensure refugees are able to secure their tents against the elements and have some form of protection.

This project targets vulnerable families who are at risk of long-term homelessness with little means of survival and provides them with permanent two-bedroom homes which are built specifically for them and ensures they also have access to free medical treatments including GP services and neo-natal care.

When disasters strike, we are able to respond with providing tents which offer short-term security and safety for the impacted population.

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