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With an estimated population of 164 million people, Bangladesh is one of most densely populated countries in the world – but does not have the infrastructure to support its people. Violence in Myanmar has forced almost 800,000 people into Bangladesh, where they now live in the world’s largest refugee camp.

Due to the huge influx of refugees, on top of already-poor conditions, Bangladesh now has an estimated 24 million people living in extreme poverty. 21 million people have no access to safe water (CIA, 2018) and 1.3 million are known to need humanitarian aid.

Sitting on the delta of several major rivers, Bangladesh is known for its rich, fertile land, but that comes at a cost – the geographical location also means that Bangladesh is battered by natural disasters and is particularly vulnerable to climate change.

We have identified places to establish our work, including Rohingya – where 880,000 people (half of them children) are packed into a camp, struggling for food and basics. We want to ensure that people can feel safe and have the necessities to care for their families.


Salam is working tirelessly to lift entire communities out of poverty by providing lifesaving food, healthcare, clean water and a good education.

We work with our partners on the ground, providing aid and sustainable solutions to the Bangladeshi people.

Rohingya Appeal

In early 2021 a massive fire swept through Cox Bazaar, destroying over 10,000 shelters, food and water sites. Rohingya refugees are among the most vulnerable people in the world. We distribute critical food packs to families who often have no other source of food. These packs are often life-saving, and cost only £60 to feed a family of five for one month.

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Shifa Clinic

Our flagship Shifa Clinic, in Sylhet, provides free healthcare to deprived communities. It has already treated more than 1,000 people. Professional doctors and nurses are available to offer expert treatment and advice, including critical maternal and neonatal care, which is usually unaffordable for women in the nearby villages. Our Shifa Clinic is a lifeline for thousands of people living in abject poverty.

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Medina Square

We’re very proud of our work in Sylhet, where we are building ‘Medina Square’ on an acre of land in one of the poorest districts. It’s an ambitious project to lift an entire community out of poverty. Medina Village will have another Shifa Clinic, an education facility, housing, a mosque, and more. It will serve local families and people who are living on the poverty line. Working with our partners, Salam’s Medina Square will create opportunities and boost the local economy, helping people to lead themselves out of poverty.

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